Handy Hirelings: Anthros

Garmbreak1 here. Anthropomorphic animals have been around a very long time, and they have made their way into fantasy fiction and games as well. The following hirelings could be found across the world, or perhaps in an isolated town of their own.

  1. Featherpaws, anthro wolf.  Featherpaws is a soft-spoken, sneaky wolf with gray and black mottled fur. She is well-known in several major cities as a petty thief, but she hasn't been caught here... yet.
  2. John, anthro horse. John is a digitigrade humanoid with a thick, black mane and brown skin. He is fast, nimble and strong. He has a human-like torso, arms and hands. His hooves can deliver devastating blows.
  3. Bert, moderately humanesque frog. Bert has blue, mottled skin and black eyes. He has a very long tongue he occasionally uses to grab things. He can squirm his way into many small places and dive quite deep.
  4. Jenna Molteneye, spidertaur silksmith. Four legs, four arms. Her body produces unusually dense silk, which she primarily uses to make armor. It can also be used as rope or a temporary repair material
  5. Swampghost, anthro crocodile. Swampghost is an albino crocodile who lives alone in a swamp. He spends most of his time making various kinds of potions and alcohols, and will use his botanical expertise in exchange for the rare things he can't find in the swamp.
  6. One-eye, anthro rat. One-eye is a brutal enforcer for a local gang. She has an eye patch over her left eye. Her fur is grey. She's not bright, but she's quite strong.
  7. Brightfur, anthro wolf. Brightfur has a distinct, eye-searing purple and green coloration, speculated to be the result of being blessed by some sort of fae at birth. Brightfur is intensely charismatic and well-versed in the musical arts. He can often be found playing his lute somewhere in the streets.
  8. Francis Saltbreath, anthro fish. Francis Saltbreath is a devout adept of the Sea King, and carries a shield with the Sea King's crest on it. He fights with an axe that appears to be made of material harvested from a reef.
  9. Fastpaw, anthro rabbit. Fastpaw is a swift, brown rabbit, often armed with a whip-chain. She is an experienced martial artist, but teaching martial arts isn't the most lucrative profession, so she often takes protection work to help pay the bills.
  10. Bjørn, bipedal polar bear. Bjørn comes from the far north, as his stark white fur will attest. Even by bear standards, he is large, standing at a gargantuan 2.5 meters (8.2 feet). He carries a wooden shield and a huge axe he wields with one hand.

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