Hey, everyone! You might have noticed a slump in activity lately! First, I took three writing classes this semester; I'm almost ready to graduate! That's unwise, however. Never do that. Every week, I'm reading around five hundred to a thousand pages of stuff, and then I'm writing feedback on 6-15 different readings. One class, for instance, is about reading two novels a week (the bulk of the readings), then writing an essay each week on both readings. It's challenging stuff.

I launched a new website--Stomp, which I've linked above. My goal for it is kind of schizophrenic; part of me wants to do funny games writing stuff, another part wants to do The Gonzologist, but more. Plus, I like the name Stomp more than Gonzologist. It's simpler.

So, basically, the content has moved.

I really appreciate you all for helping me so far. I just got disqualified for food stamps a couple weeks ago, and have been doing bureaucracy stuff to get it fixed. It sounds like I might be able to get half that back.

Just doing some math for a second: let's say you eat three meals a day at $3 a meal (a McDonald's meal, in comparison, can be around $8-10). That's $63 a week. That's $252 a month. I live with a roommate, so that's $504. Food stamps paid for $350, we generally ate less than three meals a day, so... we got by and supplemented any extra with our income. The government never intended food stamps to be the entirety of one's food income. It's a supplement, but it was the bulk of what my brother and I ate.

He and I have both been disqualified--I for being fired after my work made me so sick I had to go to the hospital, which I couldn't afford--and him for reasons that are solvable, but not soon.

Anyways, if--and this is a big if--I can prove I earn enough money, the government may re-qualify ME for food stamps. That's $180 or so a month, or about 35% of our food budget, and I'm lowballing this a bit. Food generally costs more than $3 a meal. (yes, I know about budgetbytes--the problem with physical exhaustion issues is that it's very hard to cook)

The good news is that I have some consulting work, but the nature of the work is sporadic, meaning it's not steady income. Also, still got the Kotaku gig, which is saving me right now.

So! Yes. That is where I am at right now.

1) lots of school

2) launched a new website (so content should start showing up faster soon)
3) bureaucracy stuff/obtaining food

4) consulting work

5) Also I had a birthday which I celebrated by playing Destiny with some friends

6) Still doing Kotaku work, which you can find at http://kotaku.com/tag/gbb

Go check out http://thesto.mp!

If you want to contribute, let me know!

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