Happy 4th of July weekend
One of my first loves in bird photography was this exact pair of Eagles that I creatively named "boy and girl".  Every morning I would start my day with them at 7:30 am and stay with them until lunchtime.  I watched them build their nest every year when they both arrived back from separate summer breaks.  Looking back through the photographs it seems like "Girl" did most of the heavy lifting and architecture work.  "Boy" would always fly up to the closest tree to me to have a look and preen himself.  During storms I would wait out in the rain for the two of them to return.  When their first Eaglet hatched I went home and my son said "congratulations"!   I really felt bonded and connected to them and each day I would anticipate what might happen, but as with every nature encounter they always managed to pull off a surprise.  From aerial battles with Ospreys to bringing in huge fish to feed the young, there was never a dull moment with this fantastic Eagle family.  I hope we all remember the spirit of family on this holiday and cherish them as much as the eagles cherish theirs.  Happy 4th of July my friends!