Happy Thanksgiving!
Hello, everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank each and every one of you for your support this year.  The "What's Old Becomes New Again" 2016 Tour was a brilliant success and, though there were some vehicular issues, it all became smooth sailing thanks largely to your monthly pledges.  This is truly a case of "I couldn't have done it without you!"

So, my first day home after nine months of touring is Thanksgiving and we're keeping it simple here at Casa de Milagro, Jae and I.  No guests, no visits, no going out.  Just us and the animals.  And, as usual, I'll be doing some work because I can never just take a whole day off, you know. :) 

One of things I'll be doing today is continuing the review of tracks from "What's Old Becomes New Again."  I have two more tracks to check out and send back to Josh.  Another thing I'll be doing today is beginning the final phase of mixing and mastering on The Seifert Futch Project, which was recorded in the first part of August.  I went to Steve's house on Tuesday to finish up primary mixing and then did some more work while Steve and Wendy Songe did their Concert Window show.   I'm happy to say that the mix is coming along *very* well and we're pretty excited about sharing this new release with the world soon!  As I get individual tracks mixed, I'll be sharing them with you here, as usual.

After the project is finished, I'll jump into working on a couple of books (in the mornings) and then begin recording new material in the evening.  It's going to be a busy fall and winter season, production-wise, and I'm looking forward to sharing the fruits of my labor!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoys the time to reflect upon what's awesome in your life.  YOU guys are awesome, and I'm very blessed and thankful to have your support.

Catch up with you soon!

All the best,


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