Happy 91st Birthday Bucky Pizzarelli!
I wanted to share this video with you of my dear friend Bucky Pizzarrelli.

Bucky is one of the all time greats and pioneers of the 7 string guitar.

I've been so fortunate to work with Bucky over the years. Two years ago I played at Bucky's 89th Birthday concert in Salt Lake City alongside Frank Vignola, Vinny Raniolo, Gene Bertoccini and Julian Lage.

I remember a time when Bucky and I had two shows together in California. We'd just played a show near San Fransisco then I drove us down to Santa Cruz to play at the Kuumbwa Jazz Club. 

I was totally enthralled on that journey by all his stories about working with Benny Goodman and all the jazz stars of that era. He also told me a story about working with Miles Davis that I would prefer not to share here!

Now, when I'm on the road I always wear clothes just for travelling during the daytime, then change into my stage clothes for the gig at night, but Bucky would get up for breakfast wearing a suit and tie as if he was ready for the gig.

I asked him "Bucky, why are you wearing your stage clothes at breakfast?"

Bucky replied in that wonderful Jersey Italian accent "Hey, I only get dressed once"

Happy Birthday Bucky! Mxxx

Here's the link... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-RQEG57c5g