A Happy Accident
Today's post showcases my "happy accident" of a painting. I've been watching Bob Ross almost every day for the past 4 or 5 months. Sometimes to try and paint with him (only a couple times so far), sometimes to calm my brain before bed, because his calm demeanor makes him the perfect bedtime story teller. Sometimes, I just like to watch the show.  I was watching through some episodes and saw this awesome painting where it seemed almost ethereal, so I got out some paints and a canvas and tried to paint along. As the painting progressed, the colors started to run. After I was done, it didn't really look anything like what he had painted. I let it dry a couple days, and came back and it had run more. So, in a fit of not knowing what to do, and also a little frustration, I took paint thinner and started running the brush up and down, in hopes of creating something more abstract. Well, some of the paint had already dried, but the parts that didn't ran nicely, and here's where I landed. I call it "Heavy Rain the Forest". Since I finished this painting, I've watched a couple more episodes of Bob, and gained some insight as to why the painting didn't turn out the first time. Always something new to learn. I think I'll paint another one with Bob soon.