Happy Afterween!
The Afterverse Relaunch has officially begun. I'm still waiting for a few things to finalize, so there may still be some bugs here and there on my website and Amazon pages, but everything should be sorted out before long.  

(And yes, I know it's the middle of the night in most places as I post this. But it is after midnight where I am, so it's technically Afterween.)

Without further ado, here is the inaugural short story for my Patreon page! This one will be freely available to everyone, even non-patrons, while future stories will be available to those who pledge $1 per month.

Download Ravenous using the link below!


You can also download three additional short stories by joining my email list here: kylerobertshultz.com/newsletter (Current subscribers will receive download links for the stories in an email soon.)

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