Happy Hallostream!! (also October's button announcement!)
I'm gonna be streaming a spooky game called Uncanny Valley on Halloween night! I've heard it's good and Silent Hill 2-ish, but that's pretty much all I know about it. I've been told I'm better off not to research it too much.

This month's button for the $15+ crew is my super pissed-off chicken from Stardew Valley named Sony (alternatively, it could also be a Cuccoo from the Zelda games, I suppose.) Except, uh, y'know, hand-drawn and not digitally drawn like there, but you probably get that.

If you missed it (somehow?), I also updated the Silent Hill 2 Let's Play! Bob and I talked over all the alternate endings! We also talked a bit too much about other things, so that became two mini-podcasts in itself. We still have to yammer over the Born From a Wish subscenario, which I'll be working on this week (in addition to buttons), so that's coming up next :) After that, the LP will be officially done and I can get started on Silent Hill 3, as voted by the $50 Patreon donors that have popped in here and there (I wanted to do that one next anyway, so yay!)

Catchya on the Hallowstream and on Stardewsday! Other streams are a little up in the air, as we're going on a road trip with tomatograndpa next weekend, so we'll see what I have time for! 

Hope to seeya on the streams! Much thanks :)          


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