Happy Thanksgiving... and an Update!

Hey All, 

First off, Happy Turkey Day to all my Patrons! Thanks for giving me your support! I hope you and your family have a wonderful day, and if you are a lone wolf, then grab some beer, kick back and put on your favorite show:)

Secondly, I'm sorry for the late sketch and post, as I have said before, I am very busy this holiday season and a few of my clients have very pressing deadlines. For instance, I have two maps for Wizards of the Coast due by the mid and end of December, amongst three other very large maps! I will try to finish this month's map by the end of the month, but I cant make any promises! The Holiday's are always tough!

-The Sunken Fortress Idea-

So, onwards and upwards! Here is the sketch as promised. I kind of ran with the idea of having the "Fortress" be the remains of an  old norman-esqu tower overlooking the sea. On top is a only a stone square and rubble, its multiple stories and battlements long since toppled over and fallen into the sea. However, hidden within (Covered by bolders) is an entrance to the under tower, which contains multiple floors and chambers. Amongst these are larders, storerooms, an extra kitchen, a barracks, an armory and a hall for the assembling of troops, as well as a small cavern dock in the lower levels for the intake of food and goods. This could also serve as an escape path for a fleeing lord, etc. Of course this is where the former inhabitants would keep their prisoners as well. 

-Kua-Tao Hive-

Flash forward 100 years and the tower has crumbled under assault or geological activity, and the bottom levels have been flooded by rising water levels. Within its interior, a Kua-Tao hive has taven root, and they use it for a temple and a living warren, From here they launch raids onto human and elf settlements, never using the land entrance (Which is barricaded), but always using the under dock tunnels to the sea.

The first floor is abandoned and rotted, and the second is knee deep in water, with the third being fully submerged with air pockets in certain spots. Their may be prisoners to rescue, kept alive with artificially created airpockets living in a watery hell while the Kua-tao take their time sacrificing them one by one in the main gallery to their dark God.

So whatcha think? Comment/crits/ideas always welcome!


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