Happy Ashwin's Day (and thanks for your pledge)



Thank you for your pledge on this Ashwin's Day. February was an exciting month for me. My channel more than double in subscribers and almost doubled in total views. Thanks to your pledge I was able to subsidize my travel for ep 10 of Ashwin Enjoys Nature! Which I will be posting soon. 

Also, I will be doing an Earth Day episode soon, so I wanted to ask my Patrons first, what Earth Day Resolution will you be adopting this year? Aka, what will you do to reduce your carbon foot print? Best (funniest) answers may be included in episode 11!!

Thanks so much again for your support, and please feel free to send me feedback about what you want me to do better.

Thanks for learning.

Ashwin "Ashwin" Ramdas

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Nature Enjoyer in Training
$1 or more per month 17 patrons
I lack confidence in myself, this is probably all I'd expect.

You're officially a patron and will receive a heartfelt email and my undying gratitude
Bachelor's Degree in Nature Enjoying
$3 or more per month 13 patrons
I mean this is probably all I'm worth, max.

I'll send you heartfelt email and think of you whenever I sneeze
Professional Nature Enjoyer
$5 or more per month 15 patrons
Well this would be a dangerous ego-boost.

When I look for suggestions or where to go or what to hipify next, or when I use online comments in my videos, I'll come to you first and give your youtube name a shout-out if that video gets made.
Seasoned Nature Enjoyer
$10 or more per month 4 patrons
Wow, 10$, that's actually thoughtful. I mean I deserve it but thanks.

I'll send you a video of me eating a whole raw vegetable once a month. The vegetable changes every month. You'll also get all previous rewards
Expert Nature Enjoyer
$20 or more per month 2 patrons
Finally, like shit, you kind of owe me.

Swag is on the way! At this level, you'll get a patron-only shirt (one time only), plus all previous rewards. 
World Renowned Nature Enjoyer
$100 or more per month 0 patrons

Not only will you get a monthly updates from me, but I'll also give you a personal call to thank you (one time only), invite you to a filming of an episode, plus all previous rewards.
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