Hello, everyone!

I'm sitting in Rita at Wood N Strings Dulcimer Shop in Townsend, TN, printing out resource material for today's workshops, which start in about twenty minutes. This is the third and final month of summer tour starting today and it has been an absolute blast!  That last stretch was pretty intense, so I enjoyed a week off, culminating in a day-long geek-out at Carowinds theme park where I managed to ride the new Fury 325 giga-coaster 18 times.  I'm still sore, but it was totally worth it!

Rita has been doing magnificently in the heat and over all of these mountains. We've been across the Ozarks, the Blue Ridge, the Appalachians and now, the Great Smokies.  Had a bit of a concern yesterday after hearing some bubbling coming from under the hood.  Took it to a repair place in Dallas, NC and they told me that a new radiator would take care of the overheating problems. Beyond that, they said everything looked pretty good and even gave her radiator a spraying to rid her of the accumulated bug debris and dirt.  Given how many miles we've been traveling, no doubt we've claimed the lives of many an insect and at least one bird (sorry about that, birdie - I cringed for you when you hit the loft - maybe you bounced  back) but no ground-crawling critters (I'm pretty good and keeping them between tires.)  Rita hit a big milestone yesterday in Pigeon Forge, TN - 180,000 miles!  Granted that's on her chassis, not the engine, since we had a rebuilt motor put in about a year ago. Still, it's probably got about 50,000 miles on it.

Before I head in to teach, I just wanted to thank you all for your continued support! It has sure helped with some of the minor fixes and things done to Rita while on the road this summer.  Please let me know if you are having trouble finding any of the music and video here on the feed.  And I hope you've been enjoying the exclusive video that I've been taking for you.  There's more to come!

Thanks again and I'll be checking in with you again soon!

All the best,