Happy Birthday Elmo! and a print for Lars!
Birthday: Today is Elmo's Birthday! ^___^ Happy Birthday bud!! I think Elmo's in Thailand atm - but if you have a request when you see this for a birthday sketch be sure to let me know! ^_^

On the subject of birthdays, here's a print out of the sketch I made for Lars back on his birthday! Lars very kindly offered to buy the original, but in the absence of an original (it's a digital drawing)  I'm sending him this digital print! Lars has supported me for so long on here it really is the least I can do! ^_^ 

Tendonitis update: 

So I was able to do some work yesterday but my arms are sure feeling it today... even typing this is uncomfortable in-spite of pain-killers and hot/cold treatment!
The good news is I've managed to book a physio therapy appointment for Saturday... I'm really hoping they can help, as being unable to draw and barely able to work is really starting to get me down! 

Thanks for your patience, understanding and well-wishes at this time! I'm hoping it will pass soon enough and I'll be able to get back to churning out art for you as normal! :) 

Much love to you all!