Happy Birthday to Me! :)
Hello! Today I turn 43. I've got so much to be grateful for in my life. Because I'm so hard on myself and never feel like I've done or accomplished enough, I often fail to really acknowledge just how amazing my life really is. 

Let's have a gander:

1) First off, I have all of you here on Patreon! Supporters from all over the world who support me financially and emotionally. When I'm having a rough day, I remember that there are over a hundred of you here, and if you believe in me this much, then I should believe in myself. 

2) Second, I have readers ALL OVER THE WORLD. I've received fan mail from Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Italy, France, Germany, and more. I have books in translation in four different languages. Isn't that crazy!? I mean, it's just wild when I really think about it. So often I get caught up in the struggle of making another book and forget about the amazing, wow-ness of the books already out there, already being read by so many people. Just wow!

3) I have a wonderful husband and daughter, a supportive, loving family, and I've found yoga in the last two years. I'm luckier than I know what to do with there. 

So today I want to take this moment to breathe and say, "Well, girl, you're doing okay. Happy birthday to you. And enjoy this moment in time."

And thank you to every reader out there. You're wonderful!