Happy Birthday Agents of Heels!

Hello again one and all, we’re back today with some wonderful news and a very significant milestone under our belt! What is it you ask? Well the title of the post kind of beat us to the punch on this one… but hey, it’s still pretty big! Agents of Heel’s turned one year old this week! 

Now… some of you are asking “But guys, Agents of Heels’ Patreon page has been open since February 7th of 2017, that’s more than a year, right?!” and you would be correct. It has been. Some of you dedicated fans out there have even been a backer the whole time, you’ve been with us from the early days and we can only say a sincere “Thank You” from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn’t have made it this far without you guys, all of you, so that’s what makes this week extra special for us. But then, what about that question, it has been more than a year, hasn’t it? 

To us, AoH was official born when we launched our v0.1 last April 3rd, 2017. Sure, there was a lot of work done before that, from early designs right up to the prologue engine test, but it all became real the day we got the first release to our name. So that’s why we celebrate this week! Oh, we’ve come a long way since those early days… there have been ups and downs along the way, there have been many tough days and long nights, friends have been made and fun has been had… If we could go back, we’d do it all over again!

Now… we’re starting to get a little teary eyed at this point, so while we pretend there’s just something in our eye (no really, we’re not crying…), here’s some comparisons from then and now…

AoH Girls: Then and Now

Why not start with the girls whose day it is? The ones we’ve come to know and love over the last year. What can we say that the pic doesn’t already? We have watched as Unshi honed his craft over the many months and we’re all better off for his efforts. From the improved curves of their physiques to the wrinkles in the clothing, from the top of their heads with the hair details, down to their feet with the fit of their shoes… just wow. What else can we say? It’s been a great year!

Character Detailing Old Vs New

So here we have one of the very first characters dealt with by Unshi in Daz, not too long before we kicked of the Agency. She’s not an unattractive women but she’s hardly much more than the rank and file character you find in the adult games of these days. She never earned herself a name, but if we had to give her one I think “plain Jane” suits, does it not? She’s lacking detail and more importantly something that connects her to her very character… who is she really? We will never know, but do we really mind?

Now here’s a very familiar face… we are all looking forward to getting to know her some more already. We’re proud of the light Noe brings to the room, and to have a truly unique girl on our hands. From the minute skin tone details hand added around her nose, to the details engrained on her lips and the texture of her clothing… what about her doesn’t say pure character? Here’s to a great year of her own! 

Scene Effects Old Vs New

It’s not just characters that brighten up the screen, but what they do and what happens around them too. Here we have an early attempt at water effects, not too bad yeah? Sadly, looking back now it has a real Sims vibe. The water itself is a nice try but the scene as a whole lacks the finer details. No splash back on her clothes, her hair stands still even as she jumps and there are no reflections to be found on the wet dishes. Acknowledging it is the first step to bettering it, so let’s look at where we are now, about a year later!

Oh my! Would you look at that? Anyone who has been to our webpage (www.bewilder.eu : one day we’ll make something special over there too, for now its just a landing page) you’ll have seen this recent render. It’s a Hell of a step up, isn’t it? Rock particles, deformed ground, energy fields and beams of light… it was hard work, but it was worth it! This is the level we are at now, only took us a year to get there too… worth it. Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the water work we’ve been up recently with Kate… also a step up over the previous attempt above.

Environments Old vs New 

Again, let’s start with the early days of Unshi’s interior work. Here we have a decent attempt at an interior scene, but by now you’ve come to expect much more from us. Where’s the detail props on the coffee table? Why is the glass dinner table not transparent? Why is there no outside, outside? Back when working with this scene, if any other angle was needed, too bad. There was nothing else to be seen out of bounds of the camera… oh, those simple days.

And here is another image we are all familiar with, the main lady of the day’s home. Not only that, it’s a fully built custom environment, pieced together with love and care. We’ve had some sexy fun (and an incident best left unsaid) in this home and the pool area… and so much more to come. What’s that? This isn’t really that recent? Ok, you got us, but hey, we didn’t just pop into this level of quality, it was built up over time! Here’s a more recent environment for you then…

This is a familiar shot of Noe’s ‘Little Toscana’ and Sal’s ‘Salvatore’s Deli’ on our Philly’s Easy Street. Again, everything from the buildings to the street lights have all been customized, so our most prominent location in NTR is unique to our world. All you backers out there, if you haven’t viewed it already, you can see the whole look of Noe’s easy street here

Ok, just one last comparison… we’ve nearly got that dust from our eye by now!

First Ever Render Vs Most Recent Render

This here is Unshi’s very first render ever made in Daz, before AoH came into being… what a proud day that was for him. And this is his most recent render to date…

We showed you those water effects for Kate that Unshi made on his day off last Sunday, what we didn’t show you was his lighting test on the same day. We held it for today’s special celebrations. Sometimes words aren’t enough, so let’s just take in both scenes together and enjoy how far we have come…

Wow… it’s been quite the path we’ve all walked together, right? It’s sometimes a little hard to believe ourselves but the images say it all. And yet, we are still only taking out first steps along this long and vibrant road. Not only do we believe that we will bring you this post again next year, on AoH’s 5th birthday and even its 10th, we are looking forward to it! It’s odd to think there will come a time when we will look back on the art and code we make today, comparing it to what we will have in the days ahead, but we will not stop in our quest to be awesomer and wilder! As beautiful as all of the Team Nat and Team Noe characters are (not to mention all the environments), there is always room to be better, and if we can be, we will be! Just watch and wait!

Alrighty, passionate rant all done… oh boy are we excited over here! We’re going to leave it at that now, but if you’re as hyped as us then come on by the Discord chat and share some virtual cake and ice-cream with us! We’ve got our party hats on and feel like celebrating!

Four more years! And then an infinite more after that!

Be a little older, be a little wiser and beWilder! 

Edit: Our Party Cake

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