An entire year has passed already!? It feels like we released 0.01.0 a couple of months ago.

We managed to work on Aurelia for almost ten updates,  with new characters, minigames, and scenes.

The Aurelia community is more than we could dream of. Thank you for inspiring us with your ideas and comments.  All of you are building this project with us.

So just as promised:

Q: How big is the world going to get by the end of development?

Mirthal: I want to add a minimum of 10 additional locations, like the church, beach, forest and the Duchess' Mansion.

Q: Extending from the question of the world map, has it been decided how many women total there will be to “romance” in this game?

Mirthal: There will be a total of 7 “major characters” (maybe 8), we’ll devote to those characters most of the scenes/quests.
On the other hand, we want to have a healthy amount of “supporting characters”, to fill the locations with little things to do and extra scenes/quests to explore.

Q: How many scenes for each girl will there be by the final release?

Mirthal: The major characters will have a minimum of 5 scenes each, some will go higher.
The supporting characters will have between 1 and 3 scenes.
The final release will have a minimum of 44 scenes.

 Q: Are there any plans for more "fantasy" girls, such as dragons, dryads, slime girl…

Mirthal: Yes, most of the “supporting characters” will be monster girls, at the moment we have planned Demon, Oni, Mermaid, Dryad and Slime girls. 

Q: Do you see there being a "cannon" ending, or will things be left open-ended?

Mirthal: There will be multiple endings, one per the major character plus some extra ones.
There are a total of 9 endings planned.

Q: Will we get to see the other girls "get it on" with other characters without/ behind the MCs' back? ..... for additional content ofc

Mirthal: Never! All our waifus are perfect, loyal, wholesome maidens!
Unless we are talking F/F, that doesn’t count. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Walnuss: I don’t have a say in it but I wouldn’t mind drawing more of the alleyway bouncer character, he’s cool.

Q: What is the major goal with Aurelia? How does it differ from other "adult" games?

Mirthal: My objective with Aurelia is to create an entertaining experience for others with compelling characters, snappy minigames, engaging exploration and captivating art.
Something that I can be proud of at the end of the day.
I don’t mind if it differs from others or doesn’t as long as I know it’s my own thing.

Q: What lessons have you learned from Aurelias development?

Mirthal: Sometimes you will have to give up some ideas, either because they are unreachable or work way better in your head than in reality.
Walnuss: Do NOT make high resolution pixel art, 4x, 2x sure but 1x stuff takes foreeeeever and is harder than just a digital painting

Q: Is adult game development a career option for the staff or is this more of a hobby?

Mirthal: Career, I had that clear from the start.
Walnuss:  My dream has always been doing art full time, still a ways off but maybe one day! 

Q: “Does Ivy know the relationship between the MC and scarlet?”

Mirthal: Right now, no ; )

Q: Will you be able to make Ivy pregnant?

Mirthal: One of the endings planned includes that.

Q: Who's your favorite girl so far?

Mirthal: Scarlet, I feel she is the one with more development and character of the cast.
Walnuss: Erza the demon lady!

Q: What do you think is needed for this market to thrive and what do you want this future market to be?

Mirthal: In my opinion, if we want the “NSFW Games” scene to grow we need:
A) Communities that aren't afraid to share or comment on this stuff and openly enjoy and support NSFW Games.
B) Non-puritan platforms that allow said communities to grow and flourish (yes, I'm looking at you Tumblr)
C) Responsible developers that use this scene to give something to the community.
In all seriousness, I doubt NSFW +18 games will ever hit the mainstream appeal or grow exponentially, as they are still quite a niche hobby. 
But as long as we have this active community, that rallies behind these games to see them succeed, I think the NSFW Games are in a safe spot.

Q: Once the game has been completed, are there plans to release the walkthrough and cheat codes publicly?

Yes, everything we make "exclusive" from the cheats to the walkthroughs will become free with the final release of Aurelia.

Q: What is your creative process for coming up with the story, mini game mechanics, and lewd scenes?

Mirthal: I usually draw inspiration from video games, books and movies.
On top of that, I’ve been playing Tabletop Roleplaying Games (like D&D) as a DM for almost 2 decades now, so I’m experienced in coming up with characters, challenges, quests, etc…
Walnuss art also usually helps me come with some extra ideas that I didn’t even thought before.
All that and a lot of sleep deprivation.

Q: Do you have an estimated release date?

Mirthal: Sadly, no. 
The release date of Aurelia is completely dependant on how well our Patreon does and if we grow enough to be able to dedicate more time to the project.

Q: Did you make a design document/stick to it so far for development? 

Mirthal: Yes, way before I even coded a line, I wrote notes for everything I wanted Aurelia to be in a future, including characters, locations, quests and even most of the endings.
And while most of the game is faithful to that initial design, there is some things that I dropped or added down the line.
For example, at the very start, I wanted the game to be a Click And Point adventure (like Monkey Island), but that proved to be impossible at that point due to the amount of assets I would need at the very beginning, so I had to scratch it and go with a VN.

Q: What kind of choices will change the games ending? Will going full harem or being loyal make changes? 

Mirthal: Most endings will be decided by a couple of final choices at the very end of the game, as we don’t want all the endings to be overly complicated to achieve, that said, there are plans for 1-2 endings to require special conditions/choices made throughout the game.

Q: Do you foresee a sequel or other games after Aurelia is complete?

Mirthal: I doubt once I finish Aurelia I’ll follow with a sequel, at most I could see a spinoff on the same setting. I would prefer to use one of the other game ideas I have in mind that I would like to develop.

To be honest it’s hard to talk about things that are so far in the future, my opinion on the subject could change with time.

Q: When will the next Build come out?

Mirthal: If nothing gets in the way, 3 to 4 weeks.

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