Happy Birthday Wax!
I promised a good friend of mine I would make a background for him. I had a good idea of what I'm gonna make. I went with "simple and clean" for this. He wanted an Excalibur (Soul Eater) background so bad.. But what he didn't know is that I had in mind to make an Edna (Tales of Zistira) background for him as well, since we both love this character! I know you have two screens, the "baka" one I made for your smaller one (since I went with your resolution) but I don't think it should matter much. 

Anyways! I made those backgrounds for him but didn't forget you guys of course. Thought I could make a normal "baka" one as well, since I don't think you want Wax's name on your bg haha. (No offense Waxuu~) There's not a lot action in those pictures and I like that a lot, they look calm and yet colorful. I'm not into light backgrounds much, so I kept it darker, not too dark as you can see tho! Also I hate when theres too much going on on desktop backgrounds, since it gets difficult to see your folders.. 

Well, enough said.. I hope you like them because I really like them a lot and I had a lot of fun creating. ♥ Again.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAX! ♥

(As always you guys can download the .rar aaaall the way up there~, underneath the preview!)

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Thank you for everything!

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You wanna get crazy? I only created this tier for people who want to support me to get that 600 EUR graphic tablet I have my eye on. But I decided I add some benefits to this to show my gratitude in case you decide to be so generous. 

For every month you'll receive 5 orders. You can just tell me what you want in a message here (or wherever else you have added me). You want fresh new custom wallpapers for your phone or dekstop? Banners for your Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Twitch or whatever? Avatars, Signatures? Just let me know! Tell me what you want on your custom made order and I work my magic for you! ♥

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