Happy Birthday Wax!
I promised a good friend of mine I would make a background for him. I had a good idea of what I'm gonna make. I went with "simple and clean" for this. He wanted an Excalibur (Soul Eater) background so bad.. But what he didn't know is that I had in mind to make an Edna (Tales of Zistira) background for him as well, since we both love this character! I know you have two screens, the "baka" one I made for your smaller one (since I went with your resolution) but I don't think it should matter much. 

Anyways! I made those backgrounds for him but didn't forget you guys of course. Thought I could make a normal "baka" one as well, since I don't think you want Wax's name on your bg haha. (No offense Waxuu~) There's not a lot action in those pictures and I like that a lot, they look calm and yet colorful. I'm not into light backgrounds much, so I kept it darker, not too dark as you can see tho! Also I hate when theres too much going on on desktop backgrounds, since it gets difficult to see your folders.. 

Well, enough said.. I hope you like them because I really like them a lot and I had a lot of fun creating. ♥ Again.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WAX! ♥

(As always you guys can download the .rar aaaall the way up there~, underneath the preview!)