Happy Birthday to Me! Have an Extra Goodie at the $5 Tier!
Onwards to my 30th year. :)

I mentioned this a bit on the news post on my website, but I want to reiterate it here. Your support has been amazing so far, both here on Patreon and just as fantastic, fantastic readers. :) One of the biggest things I have to thank you guys for is giving me back my motivation to really get cracking on writing again. Knowing that you want to read my words, artwork or not, has given me a serious confidence boost.

So as a bit of a gift, I want to make the stories available a second way at a lower price. At $10 you still get to read them as I write them, so every week there'll always be new words for you, but at $5 I want to offer the short stories as they're completed. It's a much longer wait between bits of fiction - it can take me months to get to the end of a short story - but ultimately I really want to make these available to more people while still making sure that those of you pledging $10 or more a month (wow, seriously thank you!) are getting the treat you deserve.

Again, I'm floored by the support I've gotten so far. You're all amazing, and you make me feel so valued. Thank you! Thank you, thank you.