Happy Birthday, Mako! (sketchbook doodle)
Hello, Loves and Lovelies!

I know it's been quite a while since I posted! I apologize, dear Patreon followers and Patrons! I have been very busy with all the lovely things life has for us all! 

As of yesterday, the 24th of July, my kitty Mako is officially one year old!! Happy birthday, weird little cat! He's still the most mischevious little fur man I've ever met! 

I hope everyone's July is going great! Mine, as I said, has been busy and lovely and fun! I got to see my parents at the end of June, which was amazing! We had a lot of fun!  

May the rest of your summer be wonderful! I promise I will post more very soon! I haven't forgotten about all of you! 


Bekki Ann 

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