Happy Birthday Torsten!!
Today is a very special day! For today we celebrate the birthday of Torsten, my longest-running Supporter here on Patreon, who was first to back my campaign and pledged to support my work before anyone else even knew I was on here!! (I'm STILL not sure quite how you found me here!) XD

Because Torsten's been backing a good amount for a long time he's stacked up a whole load of good karma in my book!! (Plus he's just an awesome guy!!) So he's totally getting an original request piece from me for his birthday, but in the meantime here are some sketches to tide you over till the finished piece MrT! XD

I have an idea for the finished pic, just need to work out a composition! I was so glad Toothless was among ur request suggestions btw, I've been wanting to draw him for forever!! XD <3

Have a fantastic day Torsten! :) <3