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Happy Canada Day! Canadian Drone Laws have improved so we can fly again. Ep70
Hey Gang.  I know this seems quick to be posting a new episode so soon but as I mentioned in the last video, the Canadian drone laws have been relaxed and it is exciting for the channel as now I will be able to add a lot more drone footage in the episodes without worry of getting charged.  I am super happy about being able to use my Mavic Pro again and I hope you are too.  It seems a lot of people were not aware of the changes and since I did a very popular video where I went on a rant about the first set of laws, I figured I should update people on the improvements.  So below is the regular video description that was attached to the video.  I hope you enjoy the information.


Happy Canada Day (July 1st) and we have and extra reason to celebrate this Canada Day.  The Crazy Canadian Drone Laws that made it nearly impossible to fly legally in Canada, have been revamped and these new rules are much more reasonable and will allow us to fly our drones again.  This is a huge help to this channel as I was using Aerial Video Drones for videography of nature and to showcase the beauty of the surrounding areas while we travel, explore and sail.  Nothing gives you the breathtaking beauty of the Canadian Country like seeing it from the air.  So this is a win for me, the channel and the viewers as well.  I hope you are as happy with the improvements in the laws as I and most drone enthusiasts are.

Here is a link to the Transport Canada website where there is a PDF that succinctly gives you the new (and improved) drone rules.

These changes make it a very Happy Canada Day!!!  Let's all have a beverage to celebrate!  But, don't drink and fly.  :-)

Best drone under 1Kg to take advantage of the new rules is the Mavic Pro.:

Cameras used in filming this channel:

Panasonic GH5

B&H Photo:

Panasonic GH4

B&H Photo

Canon G7X mark ii:

B&H Photo:

GoPro Hero5 Black

B&H Photo

Azden SMX-30 Shotgun (Mono/Stereo) Mic

B&H Photo

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