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I've always wanted to cover a Phoebe Buffay song from Friends, and so today is the Perfect Day!!! In addition to serenading you with Smelly Cat, I've also taken the liberty to share some interesting and unusual cat facts with all of you! :)

Hope you enjoy the video, I had a BLAST making it!


1. On average cats spend two thirds of their lives sleeping.

2. The heaviest house cat weights 21.2 kgs.

3. The largest kitten birth recorded was 19 kittens!

4. Cats can travel at a top speed of 31 mph!

5. The first feline who went to space was a french cat named Astro cat, and good news!!! It survived!!

6. Approximately 40 000 people in the US are bit by cats annually.

7. Cats make about 100 different sounds, dogs only make about 10!

8. Just like fingerprints, every cats nose pad is different.

9. Female cats tend to be right pawed while male cats tend to be left pawed.

My question to you is..... Do you have a cat?  If so, what's its name? AND What will you do on cat day to celebrate!?

THANK YOU PATRONS! You 49 people make the biggest difference in my life, and I can't thank you enough for helping me buy groceries. :)



PS: I really wanted my spooky halloween video to come out before this one, but unfortunately it's just not ready yet!!! :/  So, I will be posting that one on halloween day instead. Sorry for the delay on that... It will be worth it though :)