Happy Independence Day Armenia!
Happy Independence Day, my Armenia! The greatest country on earth, in the past, present and future!

In the Armenian gene, many DNAs are stimulants and motivators of spiritually pacifying energies that can easily be synthesized and adapted at the genetic level to all other genes of the human genome, like none of the existing genes of other peoples. It is the Armenian gene that can enhance the spiritual, peace-loving, charitable aspects of the human soul.

We know from the Bible that the ancestral home of the mankind is at the foot of Mount Ararat. The civilization that originated here created the Armenian gene, which became an important link in the development of the human race. From the very dawn of civilization, wars are waged with Armenians to seize us, cross with other genes and raise the spiritual, scientific, economic, cultural and, of course, the military and diplomatic level of countries and peoples. It turns out that peoples of the world need us, we are in demand as a nation, we are the "suppliers" of a valuable energy resource necessary for the growth of the civilization. And this is the explanation for the fact that we were always oppressed, assimilated and subject to economic, military and other coercion to leave our historic homeland, now independent Armenia and Artsakh. 

We had to spread all over the world, this is our cross to bear and our mission - to bring spirituality to the world.

In this context, we should also recall that the Armenian language is one of the ancient languages of the world, among the first to separate from the Indo-European pro-tolanguage to become an independent language on which an outstanding culture evolved, philosophers, poets and scientists wrote, often under non-Armenian or pen names.

Armenians, we have every right to be proud of our homeland, the civilization that we have created for centuries and continue to create today. Happy Independence Day Armenian people, the ingenious and the most peaceful people on earth!

I am proud to be ARMENIAN!