Happy December!
Happy December everyone!

Here's my December update.

Current cosplays I'm working on:

Lingerie Mei - About 50 % complete

Casual Mei - 100 % complete and ready to shoot

Idol Mei - Bought all the fabric but haven't started

Star Guardian Lulu - Bought parts and pieces but haven't started

Next con:

Newcon PDX December 30th-January 1st

Next couple photoshoots lined up:

Super Orange Captain on Saturday

Lingerie Mei and Casual Mei on Tuesday

Winter City and Fashion Shoot on Saturday

This month's pattern:

I am undediced on this but I'm thinking a santa hat, Lulu's new pix plushie, or how to make an oversized hood

This month's workshop:

Hats! Hats hats and more hats. Tiny, oversized, summer, winter and more~

December Photoshoot:

I am undecided on what I'll be posting as the December photoshoot exclusive but make sure you watch my snapchat this weekend and next week for behind the scenes, behind the camera, early access, and works in progress. <3 I will be making lots of progress and shoots as the holidays approach.