Happy Forever: Pagan Matchmaker
Starting Feburary 12th 2018, Monday  

continuing every Monday 6-8pm $5 (patrons free), 21+

Ivy Room, 860 San Pablo ave Albany Ca 94706

Happy Forever: Pagan Matchmaker is a fictional story of an urban witch who uses “sex magick” to heal the world. The Hook-Up Truck presents a salacious stage performance intended to inspire copious copulations by extolling the virtues of a broad sexual spectrum. Spy Emerson hosts the ongoing weekly variety/ game show encouraging people to make love for world peace, and everything one might need is provided, including comedic entertainment, celestial blessings, a place to bone, and adult refreshments prepared by The Ivy Room.

The story is set in a mythical urban glen, close to the oldest tree under the highway overpass, a magical gateway opens each week on Monday to reveal a ritual romp exploring progressive sex culture with a cast of oddball characters. A Witchmother Gnomehugger guides the enchanted entourage, along with The Gatekeeper who wields metric-magical appendages, The Mole emerges with musical sounds from the underground, Kegel Beagle has an important message to share, and Hal Robins officiates a “Church of the Subgenius” short duration group wedding in recognition of religious restrictions and ensure coitus approval in the eyes of the gods.

The Hook-Up Truck will be parked in front of the Ivy Room and available for rent anytime during the show from 6-8pm. Each week, special guests join the regular cast of  Pagan Matchmaker to demo their sexual talent, and to play "Spin the Bottle”,  "Confessions of a Pervert” and other activities that employ audience participation.  Both couples and singles are encouraged to partake in the activities, all people of all orientations are welcome to join the celebration of Pansexuality. 

The Hook-Up Truck presents Happy Forever: Pagan Matchmaker every Monday from 6-8pm at the Ivy Room in Albany.