Happy Fourth of July! It's Independence Day!
Hello there cutiepies! ♡ So today is the Fourth of July! Independence Day in America is a day commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence! We usually celebrate Fourth of July with lots of fireworks and lots of liquor! lol 

What will all of you be doing to celebrate? ♡ 

I think I'll spend the day editing my latest video and hopefully working to upload it really soon... as well as cleaning and unwinding! Good news by the way! I feel as if I did really well on my Organic Chemistry course and my grandfather is doing much better. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts as I feel they've really made a difference. I'm so grateful for all of you being there for me, especially when things were tough. I don't usually like reaching out about personal issues for safety reasons, but, I'm very grateful that everyone was so understanding and empathetic. I'm truly honored to know each and everyone of you! ♡ 

Ps. I'm updating the websites with downloadable content — so sorry for the delay!