Happy Friday - Mogamu Edition!
Woah, now who could this be? A wild Mogamu is soon to make an appearance in Folklore!

We wanted our Patron cameos to be a little more special than 'guy standing in background' or 'woman eats sandwich on page 3', and it's taken some time in Folklore's story to get to the point where new faces beyond our main cast will actually appear. We're making it a mission to actually include you all in the lore of the world, which we think is much more fun. It means the process will take a little longer than normal, but we really hope you enjoy trip.

It's honestly pretty crazy that Mogamu has chosen to support our work for this long, so we can't help but show him a bit of support in return. If you're into Warframe he's got a lot of great community content available on YouTube, and he streams fairly regularly too!


Until next time, we hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and a Happy Black Friday! Don't die being trampled to death trying to get a sick deal on a flat screen tv. It's not worth it, wait for Cyber Monday!