Welcome, December! Can you believe it’s less than 25 days until Christmas? Holy Bananas! I am pulling a Randie... I have no cards, just a few presents... and I am beginning to freak out a little. My anxiety sheep are kicking WAY in. Maybe it’s the extra crud circling around in my head cavity, but I’m definitely feeling the freak out. I don’t even have any decorations up at my house yet! The Horror!

Thursday was more sore throatness and ear canal weirdness. We had to vacate my sister’s house during the day because they had some ill-timed carpet cleaning scheduled, which never occurred because the crew never showed up. Grrr.. so tomorrow, we do this again... the kids are still sick and this makes them cranky, which in turn, makes their sick parents cranky. It’s a vicious circle of Christmastime joy. We still managed to make it to Hobby Lobby and Toys r Us today... sniffling, coughing and low-energy as we were.

Jaxson is getting a bunch of Hot Wheels cars, something he loves; they were on sale for a ridiculous price. Auntie Bridgett couldn’t pass it up. Another thing I couldn’t pass up were the Minion Xmas tree ornaments. OH the happy. So I bought a selection for to give to Mad/Jax... and I would take one home for our tree, which I will go get when I return home.

Photo: Madi did some tole painting the first day she stayed home from school (so as to not infect all the other children); dig that hipster Santa mustache!