Hey everyone! Just a bit of an update. 

Can you believe that I'm about to finish my penultimate semester of school?? Next Tuesday I'll finish up and then I have one- ONE class to take next semester and I'll graduate in June. I'm so excited it's unreal. 

I've been busy these past few days out on my patio. The weather has warmed up and while I worry that it's way too early for such warm days, I've taken advantage of it. I've found a new treat for my birds and squirrels and needless to say, they love it. The shot above isn't maybe the best, portfolio worthy shot, but I love it. This little guy found the peanut butter and birdseed "sandwich" I offered and I think he's grateful for the treat. I had to share it. 

I've got the Patreon up and running and there will be more photos there- I'm even considering doing a photo story about the day out with the sandwich as a treat to my Patreon subscribers. 

I'll have some photos to add here soon from homework assignments that turned out really well and who knows what else. 

Thank you again for your support!