Happy Friday - Important Payment Information Edition!
While we don't have any new art to share we do have some important things to announce!

First, we're slowly experimenting with releasing issues of Folklore into the digital retail space. While our initial plan was to make issues available for free (since older issues are already free on Tapas and Webtoons) we've come to find that many of these platforms greatly frown on this -- mostly for a few understandable reasons.

As such we'll be slowly testing our foot in the water with these sales areas, starting with Comixcentral. Our plan is to always make sure that Patrons have access to our latest issues first and foremost, so you'll never see a 'current' issue available for sale. Not only that, but we're making sure that every issue has a link to our free version in the description. We're only asking a dollar per issue, but honesty is important to us!

If you're an avid comic fan and have a platform you'd like to recommend please don't hesitate to share.

We also wanted to remind everyone that payments come out for Patreon at the start of each month, so expect a charge for our latest issue to appear within the next week or so.

Finally, starting in March we'll be making the change from being Per Issue to Monthly. We've covered these changes in the past, but keep an eye out for updates to all of our tiers in the next month. We're positive you guys will dig what we've got to offer!

Until next time you guys have an awesome weekend. Take care, and if you have any questions about any of the wacky stuff we do (or upcoming changes) be sure to let us know!