Happy Halloween
I have just finished the "Drawlloween" challenge, which was to do a drawing every day in October according to a list of Halloween-themed keywords. It was intense! I wanted to really push myself so I decided to not just to a drawing, but to finish them into little paintings with watercolor and ink wash—which was just another level of challenge because it's a medium I wasn't really confident in. 

31 paintings in 31 days! And I actually did it!

Some of the pictures are not great, but some I really love :) and I learned a lot during the process and making time to paint & draw so much made me so happy all month! 

Time to keep the momentum up....forever. I'll be finishing some abandoned WIPs and probably starting a big painting or pyrography drawing soon. I have a few ideas :) remember $5 patreons can vote on which project I should start next ;)

I will be putting up a couple patron-only posts of hi-res downloads for some of my favorite drawlloween images so you can print your own art prints to hang up next October... or all the time if you love Halloween as much as I do :D