Happy Halloween!
The results are in. Frightloads of spectacular art- it was excruciating to judge, and we loved every brutal minute of it. Gather your courage, and glimpse the winners of the 2016 Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart Contest:


And visit the gallery to see all the bloodcurdling entries!

Since only two entries qualified for the 3-Dimensional category, they both win the grand prize. SO THERE.

Prizes, prizes, prizes! Runner-ups and winners check your prize options here --> http://www.dreamkeeperscomic.com/HalloweenRules.html

E-mail me with your prize selection and mailing address before November 15th, or just your address if you want your participation sticker, and I can deliver your stuff.

Our Pollmasters Halloween art is nearly ready- another day or two and we'll share. Meanwhile, enjoy your holiday, check out our Halloween Prelude, summon some evil, and stay warm.

Happy Halloween.
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