Happy Halloween!
Took Grim out in the city for a Halloween photo-shoot! Met Batman (who gave us free candy <3) as a bonus!

Have a HORRORFUL (and happy :3) HALLOWEEN now, buds!
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Goaty Goat
$1 or more per month

So you've decided to join our dark fantasy family? Or perhaps you simply want to be a Goaty Goat? Either way, that's GOAT-TASTIC! Prepare yourself to deep dive into our adventure and uncover the truth about what happens behind the scenes...

  • Early access to the sketched pages of "The Next Reaper" 
  • Patrons are asked first when we need a new face in the comic
  • W.I.P access to soundtracks, collabs, animations and side projects 
  • Access to my personal Skype or Discord if you ever feel like chatting! Hit me up!
  • Have your name in the thank you section beneath every new update of 'The Next Reaper' (on Webtoons and Tapas)
  • Our ETERNAL gratitude *Hugs x 1000* 
Fellow Goat
$3 or more per month
Oh my, we're stepping it up! You've decided that you want to take this relationship a bit further by becoming a Fellow Goat! Are you ready to rock the socks and shake them knees? Music, sneak-peeks and fabulous gifts are coming up!  


  • All previous rewards
  • Early access to the finished  pages of "The Next Reaper" in high resolution (available to download) plus the entire creation process
  • Exclusive and early access to monster-, character- and weapon designs 
  • The chance to win signed merch every month 
  • Access to all of our finished soundtracks in high-quality (available to download!)
Reaper Goat
$5 or more per month
You've taken the step... You witness your mortal form disappear in the distance as you're turning into something else... As a Reaper Goat you are controlling LIVES!
In the beginning of each month you will receive the script for at least 8 new pages of ”The Next Reaper”. You are also qualified to receive discounts on commissions and wallpapers!

  • All previous rewards
  • Every month you'll receive the entire script for the upcoming month's pages which means a MAJOR sneak-peek into the story!
  • Contribute with your own ideas for the script right here on Patreon or through Google forms!
  • Wallpapers for desktop and smartphone
  • 5% discount on commissions
Silver Goat
$10 or more per month
You foxy Silver Goat you! As a member of the royal goats you'll have your name and a link of your choice at the end of every comic upate, to let the world know that you're a fantabulous supporter! You'll also get some sweet discounts on both commissions and merch!


  • All previous rewards
  • Sponsor-time! Get a link to promote yourself at the end of every WEBTOONS and TAPAS episode!
  • 10% discount on commissions
  • 10% discount on every purchase from our Etsy store (Etsy store currently in progress!)
Golden Goat
$15 or more per month
Am i dreaming...? Is this goat actually made of pure GOLD? As a majestic Golden Goat you truly are a big deal in the royal goat family. Please accept some fancy MERCH and a hand drawn, original drawing with a personal letter as a few tokens of our gratitude!

  • All previous rewards
  • In your first month as a Golden Goat you'll receive some snazzy merch together with an original drawing, as a welcome to the family!
  • Access to high resolution digital posters that you can print at home
  • 15% discount on commissions
  • 15% discount on every purchase from our Etsy store (Etsy store currently in progress!)
Diamond Goat
$20 or more per month
Someone call the jewelry store! We've got a Diamond Goat over here! As a shimmering Diamond Goat you are the crown piece of the royal family. I will be honored to take you under my wings and teach you my ways of creating comics, writing scripts and anything else you'd like to know through either Skype, Discord or email! Three times per year you'll also receive some reaperlicious MERCH to add to your collection!

  • All previous rewards
  • Three times per year (Mars, August and December) we’ll surprise you by sending away merch or original drawings together with a personal note!
  • Have me as your mentor to help you improve as a comic artist/writer! I'll teach you all the tips and tricks I know as well as giving you feedback on your own projects! 
  • 20% discount on commissions
  • 20% discount on every purchase from our Etsy store (Etsy store currently in progress!)
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