If you haven't seen last week's announcement video, we just hit 3,000 subscribers, just in time for today, the 6th anniversary of our first Let's Play video!

To celebrate, we're holding our usual monthly hangout tonight at 9pm EDT, and it will be open to everyone!  Not only that, we're bringing back fan-favorite Quiplash for another round of live gameplay you can join in on with us, including prompts made by you fine folks!  (And maybe even a special bonus episode I'm keeping secret from even the other members of the team...)

Hope to see lots of you guys in the stream tonight, and if you have any prompt ideas, feel free to share them here!  You guys are the best, we cannot tell you enough how much we appreciate all of your support, even if it's just in the form of a single view.  It means the world to us to watch our channel grow and bring more people in to enjoy what we do.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you :)