Happy Holidays!
Hey everyone! So, over the next couple weeks I'm gonna be doing the whole Christmas thing with Katy and her family. As such, I'm gonna take a little time off from the writing and recording and get up and running full-bore in the new year. That said, I still have some music for you. I know that some of you may already have this album. And if you do, I'm very sorry. But I know that most of you don't. Back in 2008, Get Set Go was touring quite a bit, and as we perambulated around the country, we would often do radio interviews. And we developed a way of huddling around one microphone and getting a pretty decent balance of the instruments and vocals just by our positioning. So, when we got back from a national tour, we decided to go into the studio and record exactly the same way. Just to capture these unique iterations of our music. We called the album Get Set Go Does Get Set Go. And this is it. It's pretty fun. They're all live takes, with a little bit of overdubbing on a couple takes, just to clean up some spots. But, for the most part, this is exactly how we sounded live, on-air, or at an in-store. I figured for most of you who haven't had a chance to hear this, it might be a bit of an interesting listening experience. I'm breaking this up into two parts just so Patreon can actually make it uploadable. The next part will be delivered next week. I love you all. Thank you so much for your continued support! Happy Holidays! M.
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