Happy Holidays to you all!
I haven't been very active on Patreon yet because I haven't really fully launched this site as of this moment, so please forgive me for this part being a bit 'thin' at the moment! I have, however, just got new business cards printed and handed them out to a few people at the gallery over the last few days so that means that things are slowly moving forward here ... so keep watching. In the meantime I would like to send you warm wishes and encouragement for these holidays and the New Year ♥ And here's a little about one of my newest paintings 'Golden Day' to help inspire that sentiment ... " The white stag here offers a regal element and is showing you that you have reached a maturity in your journey that you have earned and is a sign of a major shift to come, not only in yourself but also in the world. He is in fact prophetic. Representative of a great spirit and a sign of the sun his antlers spread the great golden rays illuminating all. This stag is asking you to ‘get ready’ … you are on the path of growth and expansion and he will lead you in the direction of your ‘wildest dreams’. The white doves not only magnify this message but they also bring with their purity the elements of gentleness, sweetness and loving for you to hold in your heart during this exciting stage of your adventure – helping you to be in and emanate peace to all those you meet. " http://tinyurl.com/njbcs9w © Liz Shewan, Artist.