Happy Holidays!
I hope everyone is having a good holiday. We are still doing some work (Travis is finishing up some work on the ISF1-Colony, because he still needs some hours by Dec 31 for his internship, so I'm helping him with that), but it's clear that we are not releasing any episode this month. I'm considering revising the schedule to release Part 1 of the Pilot in February, and then hopefully Part 2 in March and Part 3 in April. But we still have a lot of assets to finish up, and animation is going more slowly than hoped.

I'm sorry to leave you waiting -- I really thought we'd be finished with Part 1 by now. However, I do think it's more important for it to be good than to be quick.

The December Patron Newsletter should go out on Sunday evening. With the New Year, we're also going to be publishing the 2014 Newsletters for everyone. I think we're also going to reconsider the rewards offered on this page to open the Newsletters up to more readers.

I intend to finish another Two-Minute Tutorial on recovering from library-link problems. In 2016, we'll also be launching a technical free-software development project for film/animation collaboration, following-up some of the research I've been doing on asset management and workflow. A major feature in the January Newsletter will be a roadmap for that project.

Picture: Test render from the Press Conference scene (ink lines omitted -- also the lighting and materials are still a work-in-progress).