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Our December issue is one of our special issues where we focus on the Holidays. It is a magazine where just about everything in the magazine is somehow holiday related. Normally our Temptation article would go in this spot… but it seems almost unfair to ask our Temptation for December to step into a Holiday setting. So we decided that December would be a GREAT month for you to get to meet some of the people behind the scenes here at ENM Magazine… we asked our staff members and contributing writers to send us some fun and sexy holiday photos, along with a holiday greeting… something positive and uplifting to end 2020 with… to leave you with a sense of love and positivity… and hope for 2021!

Happy Holidays from Michael, Ellie and Christina!

On the surface it would seem like the disruptions Covid has brought to our very busy social lives would be incredibly devastating. It’s easy to look back and see the damage we’ve endured to our busy social lives, and social groups, and business.

We’ve recently reflected on the good that has come from all of this though. The first thing we noticed was that we suddenly had a lot more time for home improvement projects. With a bathroom remodel, new floors, storage unit purge, garage remodel, backyard makeover, we literally managed to wrap up some projects that were on our 5 year plan.

Even more important, as we battled the stresses and strains of isolation, we came together and found a whole new level of connection in our triad...  over the last year we’ve really pulled together as a family.

Speaking of family, our relationship with our daughter has gotten stronger too. As much as we are suffering in this isolation… imagine what it would be like to be with your parents 7 days a week with no break! It has brough us closer with her as well, and she’s thriving in her remote learning program.

More than anything, we’re learning more about ourselves. We’re learning more about our needs, and our desires, and what we want from the people around us. We are learning about what is important to us in a relationship and what we will be looking forward to when we come back from under the Covid storm clouds.
So even though 2020 will go down as a dirty word in our history books, there has been room for growth and self-discovery that has been good for us. We’re excited to see you on the other side… here’s to a happier and more prosperous 2021!

Back in January, our lives were so busy! We had so much going on between photobooths at our local club, and kicking off this new magazine… It's a small wonder that we were able to have any social time at all. But we still managed to find time to run a social group, and organize a couple of meetups each month…and still found time for dates and busy social lives.

Then Covid came into our lives. At first it was supposed to be a minor inconvenience but deep down, I think we knew, this was big… this was serious.

It’s easy to look back and see all of the damage that Covid has done to us. Our social lives have been upended, and business has been rough… even traffic for the magazine has been adversely affected. Relationships have evaporated, friends have moved on, or fallen victims to the divisiveness that seems to permeate everything in 2020.

In and amongst all of this though, we’ve found some positives that form a silver lining that add a certain degree of positivity to this whole, otherwise icky situation we’re in.

As a triad, we pulled together. Initially the girls were both laid off from their jobs as their businesses each temporarily closed. Life was looking mighty bleak for us, going from two strong incomes to two adults each pulling in a meager unemployment check. It forced us to re-evaluate our living expenses. We learned to plan meals better so we could strategize our expenses and our shopping.

As the mounting stress started to take its toll, we each had moments where we suffered, where we didn’t do as well, but we helped each other through those rough spots… and we realized, our already strong triad was pulling together even more as a family.

Then… just as our finances were stretched to the breaking point, the stimulus money came in… suddenly, we had money to accomplish some of the projects we had been wanting to get done around the house, AND the time to do it. In the span of just over a month, we literally were tackling projects that were in our 5 year semi-long term plans! We replaced flooring in two of the bedrooms, and completely gutted and remodeled the master bathroom. We also remodeled our laundry room and put a floor in our attic space… most recently we added on to our patio to create an even bigger social space and put up a patio cover so we would have shelter in an outdoor setting to make for a more Covid-safe social area.

The isolation is rough… and as people who tend to be very social, it's really been the most difficult part of our Covid lockdown. It’s teaching us to reevaluate our time though. We’re building a great relationship with our daughter who is having struggles of her own, being isolated from her own friends, and having to do her schoolwork remotely. Even for her it is teaching her to be more accountable with her time, and she is excelling in school in ways she never has before with the lack of social distraction she usually encounters.

We’re also discovering more about ourselves. Learning to identify what our own needs are in our relationships and figuring out how to focus on the things that mean the most to us. We’re becoming better people, and better partners, and finding our place in the world, and where we all fit in. We’re learning more about the people we surround ourselves with (even though in reality only remotely); we’re redefining our priorities, building our world around them.

We are excited to get ourselves back to a more normal life… even as we do so, we realize we will be re-defining what “normal” means.
So even though 2020 will go down as a dirty word in our history books, there has been room for growth and self-discovery that has been good for us. We’re excited to see you on the other side… here’s to a happier and more prosperous 2021!

Karen Tortora-Lee — It's not easy to look this pandemic in the face with gratitude and thank it for how it has changed 2020 for me and for everyone across the world — so much loss and sadness is the first thought associated with COVID. And yet, I can't deny some good has come out of how my life has changed this year; the challenges it brought with it have not always been negative and so I'd like to highlight some positives.

For one — my husband has been working from home since March. At first it was strange to have him in the house all day, especially since I was on lockdown too … but soon we developed a sweet set of rituals that included loving coffee breaks in the kitchen exchanging kisses and "I love you"s, lunch hours with some patio time during the warmer summer days when we would laugh at the antics of our dog, Dexter, and a much more reasonable dinner time. I loved being able to check in with him throughout the day and give him a word of encouragement or love. It's been wonderful having him so close all these months.

Another thing that COVID brought me to was a new hobby: knitting. A few years ago I decided I would try and pick up knitting because I loved the idea of creating something out of a ball of yarn that I could proudly wear and show off. But for some reason I just couldn't get the hang of it. Rather than knits and purls I was making rows of knots and holes. The whole thing was so frustrating that I just tossed the yarn and needles aside … Not for me! After all, I had places to be and things to do! But a few months ago my anxiety was at an all-time high and I needed something to de-stress. Knitting seemed calming and methodical so I gave it another go. I dove into YouTube videos and spent hours imitating the hands I saw on the screen. Slowly but surely I started to get the hang of it until now I find myself able to create beautiful, intricate stitch patterns with complicated instructions like it was a breeze! And my anxiety is at an all-time low.

While I would have loved to have spent this year doing "normal" things, I can't deny that a few unexpected joys happened despite the pandemic. And for that, I'm truly grateful.

Kitty Chambliss
I find it so empowering to be at-the-ready to ask the question: What is the gift in this situation? … especially during challenging times. Partly due to the shutdowns this year, I am grateful for the opportunity (thanks to additional time at home in our new office space we had serendipitously created) to dive deeper in the work that I am so passionate about doing as a relationship coach. So many relationship struggles are being highlighted by the at-home isolation shining a spotlight on areas that need to be worked on. It is an honor and a privilege to step in to help those looking for transformation, or strategies to move towards healthy open relationships. I also have deepened my relationships with my two partners, especially as we moved through our own struggles under our roof as well. We have completed various awesome home projects together that bring me joy. My husband was able to finally leave his job that had worn out its welcome and take a much-needed break from corporate life. I have been able to support some close friends as they have completely shifted their careers, including one who lost his job as a server in restaurants, and then shifted to a completely different career that he now loves! He even got employee of the month recently and is filled with a sense of pride in his work. I also have so much gratitude for the trails we have near our home that I can walk along to clear my head and get some fresh air. We are truly blessed.

Briana Bliss - In a year of chaos, I am experiencing many things that I which I am grateful. I have taken some of this time for personal growth. I am learning better ways to communicated with my family, my partners & metas, my co-workers and my friends. I have truly learned that the answer is always “No” if you don’t ask. I have learned to be more open and more vulnerable with my communication. In a time of a pandemic, there are many new things that need to be communicated such as risk profiles of partners, work exposure risks, health risks etc. Communication has become even more important when people’s lives are at stake. I have found learning these things to be a great way to bring people together. To really talk about what matters. During a time when being physically with my partners has not been possible due to quarantines etc, I couldn’t be more grateful with that openness. It is nice to be able to express how I feel and to really feel heard.

A highlight of the year is that my mother, a spunky ole gal, moved in with my kids and I. She has brought a lot of life to the family, lots of love and definitely lots of comedy. She has re-instilled in us how important family time is, eating as a family and what being a family unit is all about. I absolutely love having her with us and I am learning and growing every day with her love and guidance. Who says this old dog can’t learn new tricks!

Thanks to social distancing and not being able to connect with my people, I turned to new avenues of social media. I joined SnapChat quite a few months ago since my daughter and many of my friends use it. Shortly after logging in, I hear the "ding." It was a message from an old love, a love that I knew would be in my life again at some point and in some way. With the world being “closed down” around us we have had lots of time to just be. We are having quality time reconnecting with a lot of time to talk, to snuggle and of course we have seven years of missed sexy time with one another to catch up on. It has been quite blissful.

During this time, I was also fortunate enough to land a new job. It is a job that I really enjoy and have lots of room for career growth. We have also had more time to work on my house getting it closer to done. We welcomed our sweet puppy Sophie to the family. She has brought many antics, much joy and copious amounts of laughter to our home.

I am hoping for more growth, more communication, more opportunities and even more love in 2021!

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