Happy Labor Day (NEW EPISODE)

It's time for a new episode of Travis Bickle! This week, it's Sean and me on Detroit, which I'd say is rough enough to call it a legitimate misfire on the part of Kathryn, who has earned the right to a turkey. And then it's time for the movie Sean is throwing the title "Best of Year" on top off: GOOD TIME! 

I'm into it as well, although i'm writing this having just seen another #1 contender myself--more on that soon! And the image above? Why that's Josh Stewart, a deceptively simple name for an actor who is currently decimating the competition over on the second season of Shooter. Let me be 200% clear: i do not think that there is a chance in hell that Shooter is a better show than Twin Peaks: The Return, a show I have not yet seen. But I can also guarantee you that there is no way that you at home are having as much fun as is being had in the Stone household every time this motherfucker shows up and starts getting it on. GET IN WHERE YOU FIT IN.

(If you're a Patreon supporter, keep your ears peeled for the debut episode of Husband Vs. Wife, later this week!)