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Happy Labor Day! And welcome to September!

It's September, and I've got a lot of work planned for this month. But first I'd like to talk about how I closed out August. Last week, I released two videos: Core Mechanics: Fate (above), and RPG Lexicon: Exploding Dice (available here:

I'm really happy with the reception these videos have been getting, but I think I can do more with them going forward. If you have any suggestions or requests for topics to cover in either series, please let me know!

This month, I'm going to be putting up more videos each week. I've already got Core Mechanics: AGE System uploaded and scheduled to go out tomorrow. I'll try to get an RPG Lexicon for the phrase "roll up" done tonight to go out on Thursday. 

On the non-video front, I've started jotting down design notes for a cyberpunk-y GUMSHOE game. Right now, I'm calling it CHROMESHOE, but that is definitely not going to be its final title. It's a bit different from most cyberpunk games, leaning more heavily on the punk and less on the cyber. I'm going to try to get a design journal post up for that this month detailing what my initial design goals are for the game.

I've also started putting ideas together for support material for Paizo Publishing's Starfinder RPG, which is essentially "Pathfinder (and thus D&D) in SPAAACE!" I picked Starfinder up at Gen Con, and I'm really digging its take on crunchy space fantasy. I'm going to put together a few small supplements for it and see how they do.

Until next time, keep on rolling!