Happy Manly Santa Day

Happy Manly Santa Day! Another week and another wave of pledges - now in addition to the newsfeed highlights, BrikWars' site hosting fees are now also covered. Thanks to your pledges, in just its first month on Patreon BrikWars will now be operating out of the red for the first time since its debut in 1995.

I've got to be honest, I wasn't expecting the level of postive response I've gotten over the past few weeks, not only here on Patreon, but also on the BrikStickers store and across all the BrikWars chatrooms and social media threads. I was so prepared for this to fizzle out and go nowhere that I'm caught a little flat-footed that so many of you have been showing up to help it succeed. Thanks for defying my internet cynicism! And regardless of whatever holidays you may be celebrating on your Human calendars, I hope you're all enjoying a happy Manly Santa Day in minifig space.

I'm going to try to give an update in the next week or so on some of the stuff that's been in development behind the scenes - there's a lot going on! - and it'll give me the chance to try out one of these SECRET PATRON ONLY posts that Patreon is known for.

In other upcoming news, there's been some chat on the Discord and the forums about special requests for personalized sponsored illustrations for the rulebook, as a fun way to support development in a more concrete fashion. I'll expect to have more news to share as we work out the details moving forward.