Happy March!
Hello Patrons! It is the month of Halflight, new things, new growth! I lost my grip on a couple of things in February (okay, I lost my grip on ALL the things in February) but I'm back with a vengeance. I want to thank you for your patience in waiting for your January goodies (meep), polls, etc.  We might be looking at a revamp of tiers this summer but for now I'm going to work on perfecting this system and see if I can keep it going.

FEBRUARY FLIGHT (Flight #3 woo!) has been voted on, and I'm happy to announce it will be a short story featuring Shard & co, which I will send to February backers no later than the end of this week. (Remember how I said I was behind...? Yeah...) My intention going forward is that Flight content will go out no later than the 5th of the following month: mailed goodies, polls, etc, with updates and fun posts at least two times a week.

I will also be announcing the winner of the Writing critiques in Friday's update (yes winnerS--two critiques). So if you haven't made your desire to be entered known, please do so now. All Patrons at all levels can put their name in the hat for a critique of up to 2,000 words (about eight double-spaced pages).

As for what you see in the image above you: these are the ACEO trading cards currently en route to January $25+ Patrons.  (Are Trading Cards still a thing? They are now, because I lurv them).

Who will you get? Will you like it? Can you trade them with each other? Will there be more? Have I had coffee this morning? Yes yes yes. Pen and watercolor pencils are my new favorite things. If you'd like a trading card of your own, consder a $25 subscription in March or April ;) These are exclusive to Patrons, each one lovingly hand drawn and painted. I'll be using different styles and mediums, and I just might even take character requests, but the surprise is 75% of the fun amiright?

Thanks for rolling along with me while I get organized and figure this thing out, whilst simultaneously working on Kickstarter shipping and the next novel in the Silver Isles world...! 

Life is amazing. And so are you.

Fair winds.