Happy Monday - Weekend Roll-up (Sept. 23rd - 25th, 2016)
Hey everyone,

Welcome to Happy Monday, where I review my accomplishments and continuing challenges from the weekend.

This weekend, I worked on Frostfall's Shelter sub-system (shown being tested in the picture above), which tells the rest of the Frostfall system "Hey, I'm under something" when it's raining or snowing. (Edit: This is for gameplay only, and does not block rain visually, like Real Shelter.) Historically, this system has been a lot flakier than I would like, and now its flakiness has been made more visible with the most recent changes to the exposure system.

I changed my approach to how the system works, and now it seems to be functioning much better. The previous system shot a ray into the sky starting at the player's head, aimed at an invisible "sensor" that is always above the player. If the ray hits the sensor, the player isn't taking shelter; if it hits an obstruction, then they are taking shelter. This works most of the time, but it does fail every so often. The reasons for this seem to stem from the sensor being misaligned occasionally, or the player might jump and the ray hits the player by mistake.

The new method is to shoot a ray *downward* toward the player, and then measure the distance between the ray origin and the impact point. If it's less than 990.0 units, the player is taking shelter. This method doesn't require a spell to hit a specific target and is therefore less error-prone.

Of course, the Patreon was launched earlier in the week and was a massive success, which I can't thank you enough for. This took up a lot of my time over the weekend answering messages and emails and making adjustments. There are still a few details to work out, but those will be forthcoming very soon. You guys and gals rock. There was a lot of time spent on Friday trying to fix my broken web mail host so that I could send emails to my Mod Updates mailing list. I got that sorted out.

(If you're looking for a link to the mailing list, it is currently not accepting new sign-ups as its space is very limited. Sorry! You should at least be getting emails from Patreon when I post things like this, which should keep you in the loop just as well.)

Since the new exposure system is nearly complete, and all of the new UI work is done, we're really just at the "clean up and polish" phase of things with Frostfall 3.2. I'd like to have it out by the end of the month, but as always, no promises. I want to allow myself one full month to try to knock out Frostfall: Console Edition so that it'll be ready for everyone as soon as mod support is available for the Skyrim Special Edition. Getting the Last Seed Alpha out before the end of October is also on my to-do list but the schedule is starting to look a bit tight. We'll see what happens.

Onward and upward. I'm glad you're here.


-- Chesko