Happy New Month / Monsters and Heroes of the Realms Giveaway
 Hello wonderful Gnome Stew Patrons!It's a new month (December) in just a few days, and we wanted to say thanks for supporting Gnome Stew in our mission to make awesome things for everyone.

If you've been to the Stew recently, you'll know that we go our Gnomecast up and running, and that is thanks to the support we receive here. Chris is plugging away with the other Gnomes making new podcasty goodness while we keep kicking out awesome articles on the Stew itself.

 If you want something Gnome Stew related to listen to, the first half of today's She's a Super Geek podcast has MULTIPLE Gnome Stew references as Gnome Senda and gnome adjacent Emily play through The Witch Is Dead. 


Monsters and Heroes of the Realms Giveaway

We got a promotional copy of the Dungeons and Dragons coloring book Monsters and Heroes of The Realms. While the urge to immediately color all over it was strong, we resisted because we like giving cool stuff to our Patrons. So, we took our Patron list, randomized it, and rolled a lucky #6 for Scott Adams! We'll reach out and contact you about sending this your way. 

Once again, thank you everyone for being a Patron of Gnome Stew. It helps us keep doing awesome things and paying the authors and guest authors!

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