Happy New Year (and Happy Birthday!)
Welcome to 2018, hope you had a wonderful winter of festive fun! We are now 250 years on since the beginnings of circus as we know it today!

(Yes, there are some quibbles over exact dates, but aren't there always?! 1768 is the most widely accepted year attributed to the birth of modern circus, via the world's first ringmaster, Philip Astley, and his inaugural entertainment enterprise at Ha'penny Hatch - although some argue that what we're celebrating is more accurately the conception than the birth. Ooh-err missis!)

But enough of the fine print, on with the celebrations! Here's your first monthly guide to What's On in #Circus250.

I've also uploaded a video call out for one of the upcoming events in 2018, looking for speakers at the Circus And Beyond conference in Sheffield. The call originally went out through the Circus Research Network mailing list, but is for circus artists and others in the industry as well as researchers. 

A quick chain of emails highlighted how academic language can be alienating to people who work in the circus field but don't speak in academic terms - or subscribe to email lists. This video was one idea of how to try and reach across those barriers, so please do share with your networks so it can reach as many people as possible! https://youtu.be/uSALLIpgvGc 

Many thanks, and many magical wishes for 2018!