Hey hey Patrons!

It's 2018 and I'm feeling pumped. Look at this picture of me listening to inspiring music.

That's the face of a man having an epiphany!

Here's some cool stuff you might like:

- Check out my END-OF-YEAR review. I've had a few people get in touch to say they enjoyed it. Maybe you will too.

- This year I'll be making KEITH. I keep saying that but it is happening. It's just a longer process than I first thought. 

- This year, I'm all about following the muse, and when I got the opportunity to make a book trailer for my upcoming book of short stories, this happened.  There's some new glitch ideas I'm using in Keith at the end there.

- Speaking of which, my new book will be out soon. I'll be sending over a free download for you patrons soon. Here's the cover:

- I got a post-apoc short story, Toother-Two, and a new essay on a writer's morning routine heading your way in the coming weeks.

- A couple of other novels you'll be getting this year They Ruin, the third in our post-apoc horror series and The 3.0, a dystopian horror novel based on a futuristic gamified version of The Turing Test.

- I've been kinda lame with the LMSPT  episodes, so I'll be getting back on to it this month. 

- I turn 30 this year. That's a horror story in itself.

- Thanks again for all your support! Let's make 2018 a good one, yeah? 

Talk soon,

Luke & Keith