Happy New Year!

2018 is upon us! We here at Team XP hope you've had an excellent holiday, that you stayed warm wherever you were (–30 in Minnesota this year) and that 2018's shaping up to be even better than 2017.

For us, the new year means one very important thing.

2018 is the year of Experience Points Season 2. 

It's the year we shoot the new season. It's the year we edit the new season. It's the year we release the new season.

Sunday, January 7th, we officially go into pre-production. This means rehearsals, arranging lights and cameras, constructing props, organizing costumes and memorizing 200 pages of dialogue.

During that time, we'll be back and forth on the Patreon, updating you with how it's going. We'll also be taking advantage of our poor neglected Instagram – follow us there for more photos, especially as we get closer to production in February.

Expect a few changes to the Patreon in the meantime. We may need to shift some things around while we're focused 100% on making the season season as great as we possibly can.

It's worth mentioning that, over the past 10 months, you guys've raised, between Patreon and stream donations, $3,500 for XP S2. We're in awe of your support and your trust in our humble little production company. 

You've trusted us – time to finally give back.

Happy New Year, adventurers, and – as always – stay tuned!