This year has flown by so far!!  Since Jan 1st I got to start a new kickstarter campaign, celebrate my birthday, play a show, start teaching a new quarter at Musicians Institute AND start making two new music videos!!

I was only teaching a social media class last year but this year have started teaching a vocal technique class so teaching 20 students at once is definitely a new challenge which I am really enjoying! It is so fun being able to spread the joy of music to people who have big dreams and aspirations!

So although I have been quiet on Patreon for a bit I do have some very fun videos and music coming your way VERY soon!

I will be doing a live stream on youtube in about an hour from now and will be taking requests so I wanted to give you a heads up in case you had time to join me!

http://youtube.com/katmcdowell  LIVE STREAM 6PM PST!

Hope to see you there!!!

Also, I know Patreon went through a rough patch a month ago with some strange policy changes, and then realizing what a big mistake they made and changing back.  Even though they changed it back to how it was and how it should be, understandably a few people have left. 

Thank you for those who are still sticking with me here on Patreon in 2018!!  

Of course you are always free to change your pledge or leave at any time with no hard feelings from me, I appreciate all of you for ever choosing to be here in the first place! 

I upload a lot of exclusive content on my private facebook group too so if you'd like to be part of that and aren't yet please message me and I will invite you!


Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per Videos
Pledge $0.01 or more per Videos
Patrons Only
Blue club
$1 or more per Videos

Blue Club!  You will get access to an exclusive activity feed and vlogs just for patreon supporters! I will be posting exclusive behind the scenes and content just for you! Plus when I release an original music video you will receive a digital download of the song *This will be $1 per video upload so approx $4-5 a month*

ペイトリオンに登録した方のみアクセス可能なページやビログに普通は公開しない映像などをアップしていきます。 *毎月4−5回アプロードするので月々$4−5になります。*

Yellow Club
$3 or more per Videos

Yellow Club!  When I release a music video you will receive a digital download of the song + a follow and shoutout on twitter (please share your twitter handle with me) + All of the above.  *This will be $3 per video upload so approx $12-15 a month*

ミュージックビデオをアップした時にその音楽ファイルをダウンロードできます。 ツイッターで KAT があなたをフォローします。(+ブルーサポーターのリワード)*毎月4−5回アプロードするので月々$12-15になります。*  
Red Carpet
$5 or more per Videos

Red Carpet Club! YOUR NAME goes in a credit roll at the end of every video you support! + All of the above
(P.S. If you prefer not to be named that is fine too.) *This will be $5 per video upload so approx $20-25 a month*

レッドカーペット サポーター
Bronze Club
$10 or more per Videos

Bronze Club!   A 20 min group google hangout session with all patreon supporters once a month. Let's chat and get to know each other. + All of the above.  *Kat will do her best to make everyone's schedule work but it may not always be possible with time differences etc..* After 6 months of support, Kat will also make a 30-60 second personalised video for you. (Voice message, Video intro, Singing Happy Birthday for your loved one.. etc..)   *This will be $10 per video upload so approx $40-50 a month*

の皆さん、グーグルハングアウトを使って、月に一回20分お話しましょう。(+上記全てのリワード) 半年間サポートを続けてくださった方には30秒〜60秒の特別なビデオを撮影します。(メッセージ入り、誕生日を祝う歌、大好きな人へのメッセージなど。。。)皆さんのためにスケジュールを出来るだけ合わせますが、時差などのために全員が集まるのは難しい時があるかもしれません。 *毎月4−5回アプロードするので月々$40-50になります。*
Silver Club
$30 or more per Videos

Silver Club!  Let's Collaborate! You get to suggest ideas or songs for Kat's next video (and or be part of the video on occasion.)  + all of the above.  *This will be $30 per video upload so approx $120-150 a month*

(+上記全てのリワード) *毎月4−5回アプロードするので月々$120-150になります。*
Gold Club
$100 or more per Videos

Gold Club!  Private lesson with Coach Kat! A monthly 50 min google hangout where Kat will teach you Singing, English, Japanese, Guitar, Ukulele or the indie Music Business. *This will be $100 per video upload so approx $400-500 a month*

KAT先生が月に一回50分のレッスンをします。 歌、英語、日本語、ギター、ウクレレ、などなど。*毎月4−5回アプロードするので月々$400-500になります。*
Sapphire VIP
$1,000 or more per Videos

Sapphire Club!    WOW! Are you serious? Let's talk about what I might be able to offer you as a thank you for your generous support!  *This will be $1000 per video upload so approx $4000-5000 a month*

本当にありがとうございます! どうやって感謝できるか、まずはお話をしましょう。*毎月4−5回アプロードするので月々$4000-5000になります。*
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