This year has flown by so far!!  Since Jan 1st I got to start a new kickstarter campaign, celebrate my birthday, play a show, start teaching a new quarter at Musicians Institute AND start making two new music videos!!

I was only teaching a social media class last year but this year have started teaching a vocal technique class so teaching 20 students at once is definitely a new challenge which I am really enjoying! It is so fun being able to spread the joy of music to people who have big dreams and aspirations!

So although I have been quiet on Patreon for a bit I do have some very fun videos and music coming your way VERY soon!

I will be doing a live stream on youtube in about an hour from now and will be taking requests so I wanted to give you a heads up in case you had time to join me!

http://youtube.com/katmcdowell  LIVE STREAM 6PM PST!

Hope to see you there!!!

Also, I know Patreon went through a rough patch a month ago with some strange policy changes, and then realizing what a big mistake they made and changing back.  Even though they changed it back to how it was and how it should be, understandably a few people have left. 

Thank you for those who are still sticking with me here on Patreon in 2018!!  

Of course you are always free to change your pledge or leave at any time with no hard feelings from me, I appreciate all of you for ever choosing to be here in the first place! 

I upload a lot of exclusive content on my private facebook group too so if you'd like to be part of that and aren't yet please message me and I will invite you!