Happy New year
Hey there!
I know i have not be very consitent posting on this platform, the end of the year has been a bit rought.
Some changes are gonna happends to the patreon system:
-We now have a month based tier, wich means that we can create content more regularly, and that you can receive postcard more frequently ;)
-We are introducing 'freebies friday': every last friday of the month we are releasing a motion background or an animation video. You can use it for free on your videos as long as you credit us :) (creative common share use)
-the new videos will now be patreon access only since I am going to upload them early on here, so be sure tune up :)

I thank you endlesly

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Baby Divers
$1 or more per month 0 patrons
Official patron status. This means you'll get access to my patron-only feed AND my endless appreciation for joining my team.
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$5 or more per month 1 patron
Every month we'll send you a poscard from where we went to :)
You are awesome $5+ patrons,
Include all previous rewards.
Freebie Diver
$10 or more per month 0 patrons
You will directly receive to your email adress the freebie of the month :)

More about the freebies: https://youtu.be/GzkoXsddIV4

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Rescue diver
$100 or more per month 0 of 5 patrons

Every month  N'ael will paint a watercolor postcard for you and send it to your home :)

If you want to see some art they do, you can check:
-Deviantart : http://kitsunemikan.deviantart.com/
-Personal blog: http://mikansbazar.over-blog.com/

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