Happy new year!

Welp, 2018 has ended and I don't have any patrons or followers YET, but I decided that I will be posting all updates on Patreon too, so let's see what happened.

My 2018 summary is here.

The art that I published in that blog can be found on Artstation and also on Pixiv.

There are two pics and one sketch:

I had to draw insanely fast on the New Year's eve so some bits of this picture are kind of eh xD But I'm glad I finished it and also had enough time to write a post.

I called it "go eat a salad" because I wanted that to be the final line in that blog. And it is, but I had to drop an "a" because which salad?? Anyway, a bit of language derp is happening here, goddamn English with its articles x)