We are just a couple of hours away from the new year here in the UK and I wanted to thank you loyal patreon's for all your support this year!. Your support means the world to me and it helps drive me to keep going with projects, mainly E999 for now. I hope to keep the content coming your way through out the years to come. I Also hope that in the near future I can offer up more for your kind donations each month. I sometimes find it hard to post stuff that I don't want to reveal a head of time, so unfortunately it get's a bit quiet here. In future I hope to offer little drawing lessons and tips for comic making. But for now I'm still learning myself and developing my own style. So until that time comes I will just continue to reveal to you what I can and offer little bits of bonus information over the coming year.

 I hope you guys have a fantastic new years celebration and that the awesome continues through out the year....that makes sense right? XD.

I have a feeling 2016 is going to be one hell of a year, if it's anything like 2015 has been that is. The start up year 2015 will soon be over and I can only hope that E999 continues to forge it's way forward and continue to grow.

Have a great new year and for the final time this posting, thank you for everything.